The production of MLaaTR was finished. And the formal calendar was not made, too. It is a project by the volunteer who stood up when "Then, we will make it with oneself".

Please download a file, and print it. You can make a calendar of the postcard size such as the following photograph. The calendar shows all 12 times every one month(show plan : every month 25th).

Completion example

- Completion example -


Print procedure is here.
Month Sample File Illustration Monthly Character Calendar
Jan. Jan. tochigami odaleex sukapon-ta
Feb. Feb. reiu Kiichi
Mar. Mar. jyukai gashi-gashi
Apr. Apr. aisegoro odaleex
May May Kiichi gashi-gashi
Jun. Jun. NITROvo Kiichi
Jul. July. sukapon-ta odaleex
Aug. Aug. gashi-gashi Kiichi
Sept. Sept. odaleex gashi-gashi
Oct. Oct1. tochigami odaleex
Oct2. odaleex
Nov. Nov. dice-k Kiichi
Dec. Yoshi gashi-gashi


The print procedure from "Preview" of the right-click menu.

* In the case of Windows XP.

  1. Click the right button of the file and click "Preview".
  2. Click "Print" of the preview screen lower part.printbutton
  3. On "Photo Printing Wizard" page, click "Next".
    And on "Picture Selection" page too, click "Next".
    Click "Printing Preference", and please do print setting as follows.
  4. Paper Kind : Postcard
    Paper Size : Postcard
    Direction of the print : Sideways
    * The image is matched with Japanese postcard size(100mm/140mm).
    * When you cannot print it on postcard size, please print it on big paper.

  5. Click "Next", and choose "Full page photo print" on "Layout Selection" page.
  6. When you click "next", printing begins.


If there are questions, please e-mail Tochigami(mail).